step one. Precisely what do Sugar Daters Would Along with her? Gender against. Matchmaking

step one. Precisely what do Sugar Daters Would Along with her? Gender against. Matchmaking

The new questionnaire contains twenty-four small closed-finished and quick unlock-ended questions, in addition to record details. The previous issues gathered information about enjoy out-of financial exchanges, volume and level of dates, group record, as well as, such as for example, sex, decades, and you may intimate orientation ( Desk 1), motivations to possess sugar relationship ( Dining table 2), and feel off offering otherwise having fun with escort functions. Most were looking for heterosexual arrangements, nevertheless heterosexual taste are healthier one of many male respondents (97 %) than simply one of several people participants (61 per cent). Although the ages restrict to join up on the website are 18, ten percent of the girls claimed are more youthful than 18 (14–17) (see Desk step 1, Figure step one and you may Profile dos). 6 The fresh new open-ended inquiries treated the new significance and you will motivations to glucose matchmaking. The interview and the survey were conducted into the Swedish. Gunnarsson translated study are cited for the English.


The interview in addition to survey studies were analyzed qualitatively. Because interview study considering a whole lot more breadth, the fresh new questionnaire research given depth. Certain dimensions of brand new survey analysis were analyzed quantitatively, like, age, gender, and intimate positioning. Interview transcriptions and qualitative survey responses was canned during the NVivo as a consequence of a variety of analysis-determined and you can layout-motivated programming. The difficulty of ideas on how to categorize sugar matchmaking (particularly in relation to prostitution) together with problem of instrumental vs. intrinsic motives have been conceptually type in the fresh new coding techniques. Analytical memo creating was used so you can file habits and you may interesting themes through the coding together with a more holistic studying of the issue. Based on the observation the material illustrated an amazing array out-of methods and you will skills, we sought out a means of categorizing this type of distinctions. They turned into obvious that the experiences did not are different along one to unmarried axis, so, in place of splitting them towards the one to band of kinds (cf. Scull 2020), i decided to heart the analysis three key proportions you to definitely emerged as the utmost definitive organizers of your differentiations: (1) The newest standard content of glucose relationship arrangements: What do glucose daters would with her? (2) This new different compensation with it: How try “babies” compensated? and you will (3) “Babies’” motivational good reasons for sugar matchmaking: As to what extent perform they participate in the brand new arrangement due to the material gurus or as they delight in the activities when you look at the and you can of by themselves? Regarding following the, the brand new interviews and you will survey analysis try reviewed jointly with regards to certain kinds of sugar dating per each differentiating aspect. When possible, amounts are offered regarding your regularity of any group among users. Note, even when, that quantity commonly fundamentally representative of your bigger populace off glucose daters, which players usually can not be neatly divided into categories, because so many provides a selection of additional knowledge additionally the questions operating the details age group were not made to suits that it article’s logical size.


The original dimension main getting differentiating ranging from designs of glucose dating inquiries the brand new simple content of your sugar dating plan. The brand new creating from glucose relationship are divided into about three kinds. In the 1st category, we discover a mere sexual purchase; throughout the next, “babies” and you will “daddies” was engaged in a far more full dating arrangement plus sex but and additionally other activities; in the 3rd, the brand new people socialize in the a dating-such trend, but gender isn’t an element of the plan.

Sex Simply

50 % of brand new “baby” interviewees (7 off fifteen) and another “daddy” interviewee (1 of nine) equated sugar relationship both to the easy buying and selling regarding intercourse, otherwise advertised having fun with sugar online dating sites for this function, since the best way of employing the website or overall way among others. Throughout the survey responses, 13 percent away from “baby” respondents and you may step three percent off “daddy” respondents unambiguously equated sugar relationships which have prostitution or promoting/purchasing gender. When inquired about great things about glucose relationships as compared to other designs from dating, that questionnaire respondent stated, “It is far from a variety of matchmaking [smiley]; your promote and get sex” (“kid,” 28). A perennial motif in the matter would be the fact sugar dating was a sleek protection having prostitution, once the articulated from the several other survey respondent: “This is certainly prostitution. We have been towards the mind-deceit. Not one person of us wants to label ourselves hooker otherwise john. Therefore we changed what and circulated they within the a nicer package” (“child,” 25). So it harsh sense about “the true characteristics” off sugar dating contrasts on the stress out-of earlier in the day search to your how glucose daters have a tendency to delimit what they do out-of prostitution and you can gender functions ( Chu and Laidler 2016; Nayar 2017) that can become pertaining to Swedish news, in which sugar dating just like the a cover having prostitution could have been a beneficial repeating motif ( Olsson 2019; Svenska Dagbladet 2017).

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